Find Us: 4207 W Seneca Turnpike Syracuse, NY 13215 | Call Us: (315) 481-5584

Rohe Farms is a family owned and operated farm located on Onondaga Hill. The farm has been a part of our family for four generations. We operated as a dairy farm until 2010 when we sold our milking herd. Since our dispersal we have made changes to our farm, while staying true to our passion for agriculture. Now we share our love for farming with the community by opening our farm up for summer programs. 


Summer on the Farm

Explore the wonders of our farm through daily indoor and outdoor activities and explorations.  Campers will get a chance to be a farmer and help care for our animals and garden. We get to know our farm animals, hike through the forest, and make connections to food and the natural world.  If you have a love for animals, enjoy being outdoors and making discoveries, this is the camp for you!